Beating The Paths To Success

Many people feel those that have no record of past failures are gurus.  If there are people in this category then, they have never tried any new thing.  

That should not stop them from trying, the more they do this the greater their knowledge.  

Success is making the most of any situation not shying from failure.  One of the confused measurement of it is wealth. This article explains the meaning of success.

Success means treading new paths, focused more on results than pitfalls. When the focus is on solutions, workers will not fear to accept responsibilities.

 When there are mistakes, those are times of learning.  Avoiding mistakes limit what people know.  Personal lessons have more weight than learning from others.

 New ideas yield results depending on these categories of people

  •   The smart ones
  •   The courageous ones
  •   The smart ones

These perfectionists are cautious not to fall so that no one would laugh at them.  In trying to keep up the smart reputation, they get anxious when things do not work their way. Letting that emotion cloud judgment may prevent them from concluding it. 

In the end, they end up making more mistakes because they were cautious of failure. This group never succeeds as they are worse than they anticipated.

They may later make great waves as managers or employees. If life tosses them into those areas they were avoiding, they would make a mess of themselves.

While it is proper to be able, to learn through all stages of life, this would be very hard for stereotypes.

 Focus on learning not on falling. The truth is that in trying not to make mistakes, people are likely to land into greater ones. Sometimes a fall is a vital part of the process of being smart. It is a place of great wealth.

The courageous ones

This group is not scared to make mistakes. They understand that every life-changing plan has its share of drawbacks because they have lessons to learn.

 If it were not so, no one would have attended to school, neither would parents need to guide their children, nor companies train workers. Everyone would be jacks-of-all-trades and masters in all.

 That would be a boring existence. Instead of letting anxiety get the best of all things, look ahead of it. Seeing obstacles as hindrances necessary to grow will make mistakes lose a large amount of their influence as they come. 

Seeing every challenge as a way to gain new knowledge is the best way to succeed. No smart person became smart without the help of others.

Steps to be in the latter league

Accept the fact that unfamiliar things may be difficult
Unfamiliar things need time to understand them and they may involve mistakes. Once they cross this, they will not be scared.

Seek help when stuck

 It is normal to seek help when one has run out of ideas. Not doing so is a sign of foolishness. Do not be scared to do so as it would increase the wealth of thoughts.


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