Best Destinations For Celebrating The New Year

Welcoming a new year is a business many looks forward to.  It is an electrifying custom and it as old as man is. Some of the things that are evident in it are cheerful noise in churches, on the streets and homes. 

Firecrackers light everywhere up. People choose to go out with friends or simply watch TV. It is also a day when many resolves to imbibe new habits in the interest of their lives. 

 It is a common celebration in all countries although their dates may be different.   Folks anxious for an adventure can go to any of these 


It is where many people would not want to visit yet they understand the business of New Year best. Harbour Bridge in Sydney is the major feature. What would make it different the northern hemisphere is that it is summer now? 

The city’s site with ‘the Harbour’ as well as Opera House makes it a wonderful set. Those who are uncomfortable around crowds can watch the action from a boat. Since many people come to witness this splendor, it is best to arrive early not to miss the fun. The fun spots around Sydney fill fast only advance ticket can help secure a space.


Tokyo does this for almost a week and it starts   December 29 before time and ends on January 4.  Be ready for a traditional festival as most of the facilities in the city close for locals to participate in it. 

Many bars with restaurants will be open to all. There are fireworks, dance, with singing. Join in the eating of (‘New Year’s Eve noodle’), for a longer and healthier life and listen to the watch-night bell ring. They also get to see the imperial palace open to the public twice a year.

Canada (Niagara Falls)

There is a free celebration at ‘Queen Victoria Park’. Get live music with two sets of fireworks. The first goes off nine pm followed by the compulsory one.  Those that do not fancy this because of the cold can catch fun in any of the casinos and parks around.


In Las Vegas, fireworks go off in seven different businesses (hotels with casinos). 

There are many ways of celebrating for those that do not mind the weather, as it is very cold; can be at the central park, others can look for other alternatives. They need an advance ticket to celebrate New Year here.


Thailand is rich when it comes to festivities. People that love partying should be at Koh Phangan. It is popular for its full moon party. 

It offers a different way to enter New Year, as its costumes are swimsuits with thongs. Wild parties happen at Koh Phangan. 

It takes place at Haad Rin. One can lodge anywhere provided they make plans for commuting. Advance tickets are necessary.


Go to Edinburgh to get a taste of Hogmanay. This may last four nights starting with torch procession on the opening night. Its activities are concerts, live performances, concerts, etc.

Do not go about the New Year business the usual way, why not celebrate it in another destination?


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