How To Understand The Challenges Of The Nigerian Film Industry

Shutterstock: Nollywood Actress

The motion pictures in Nigeria have its share of scandal but no doubt, it is one of the largest in the world.  The patronage it enjoys out of the shores of the country is proof of this.   Some people still fault it for its cyclic movies.   

Some claim its stunts are so offending that some would not even bother to watch them. This trend keeps the business from expanding as Hollywood with Bollywood. The social media helped people voice their issues with the sector and paying attention to these may just be the antidote they need to take their rightful place in the world. Here are some things affecting it.


Piracy ruined the likes of Moses Olaiya (aka Baba Sala)  very bad and it is what is still preventing producers from enjoying income from their jobs. It is more like the norm in the industry. It is making life difficult for all concerned, so they need to take measures like implementing the laws about it. 

 The internet is encouraging it as people post the movies of others.  Rental clubs add their share. With that, moviemakers will not have cause to regret doing the business. Charities do deals without expecting good returns and Nollywood is not one.  Filmmakers can fight online piracy with the courts or their Ad manager. Please let everyone join the fight against it.

Revisit  rental-licensing fees

Rental clubs get higher incomes than marketers do. They pay meager fees for a license to rent out movies and make a lot of money on it. The marketers have one stream of income on this, which comes with a purchase. 

 Club owners, on the other hand, get more on the repeated rental of a job. There is a need for the signing of a sharing agreement between both parties, for marketers to get more for their money. Alternatively, they could increase their licensing fees. Filmmakers deserve more than they get.

Having addressed issues from outside, it is time to look at those from within.

Weak scripts

Only a few of the Nollywood movies can earn a pass mark. The rest is just a waste of capital. If producers can look into the stuff they make and do more quality jobs, it would be easy for them to approach companies for sponsorship and get it. 

What they need to is do thorough research to make sure their jobs have the evergreen element which business no matter its size would be proud to support.

Weak distribution networks

Producers cannot expect to win the war against piracy without tackling this. They need to address production placement to do good business. 

 They need to make renegotiating deals with big stations like Africa Magic and managing their distribution channels home and abroad, precedence.

 This way they would have a better source of direction and be able to track their growth. If they could just use the two hundred million incentives from their president to see to this, they would not have to do a repeat.

The business in Nollywood is one that can blossom with the death of these problems. 


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