Online Business; Social Media Platforms That Could Not Be Ignored In 2019

The social media had it big this year.  It is increasing in popularity all over the world and those not on any platforms are so square.  

They serve a link for long lost friends and contacts to renew alliances and strengthen bonds.  

They are also the first point of call for businesses to as they also use it to advertise their services too.

 It is no news too that if any company lacks social presence, its chances of getting clients are slim.

Here is a list of the top ten platforms that made waves in the year 2011. The list is in ascending order.


Meetup has more than seven million clients with eight million guests. Meetup is available in six languages and it began in 2011.  For a platform so young, Meetup seems to be in good business.


MyYearbook has more than twenty million clients with twelve million guests. MyYearBook is six years old and has less than half a percent of the market share.  It is available in one language.


MyLife services more than sixty-two million clients with six million guests. It also has less than half a percent of the market share. It is only available in one language which makes it limited in reach.


Hi5 has more than eighty million users and twenty-seven guests. It has less than half percent of the market share. It is offered in more than sixty languages of the world. Hi5 is eight years old.

Tagged is also has over one hundred clients with thirty million guests.  It has nearly one percent market share. It is in seven languages. It is seven years old.


LinkedIn has one hundred users and fifty million visitors. Its market share is less than half percent and is in six languages. It began eight years ago.

My space

My space has more than one hundred million users. It has more than eighty million guests too but its market share is more than one percent. It is in over fifteen languages. My space is eight years old.


Bebo is third with over one hundred and seventeen users.     It is in five languages. Seven million guests call monthly with less than half percent of the market share. Bebo is six years old.


Twitter is the next with over two hundred million users. Nearly a hundred million people visit it monthly.  It started five years ago and offered in seven languages.


Facebook is the first on the list. It has over six hundred and forty million users it hosts over five hundred and fifty million people monthly. The organization that started over seven years ago and is now the first place anyone wants to be. It is available in more than a hundred languages.  

It has a market share of nearly sixty-five percent. 

The year has been great for social media as they are in now for people that are looking for friends and business on the www. 


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