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How To Understand The Challenges Of The Nigerian Film Industry

Shutterstock: Nollywood Actress

The motion pictures in Nigeria have its share of scandal but no doubt, it is one of the largest in the world.  The patronage it enjoys out of the shores of the country is proof of this.   Some people still fault it for its cyclic movies.   

Some claim its stunts are so offending that some would not even bother to watch them. This trend keeps the business from expanding as Hollywood with Bollywood. The social media helped people voice their issues with the sector and paying attention to these may just be the antidote they need to take their rightful place in the world. Here are some things affecting it.

Piracy ruined the likes of Moses Olaiya (aka Baba Sala)  very bad and it is what is still preventing producers from enjoying income from their jobs. It is more like the norm in the industry. It is making life difficult for all concerned, so they need to take measures like implementing the laws about it. 

 The internet is encouraging it as people post th…

Simple Steps To Clean Up The Mouse With A Click

Working on the PC with a faulty mouse can be so annoying. It makes it hard to get results promptly and for folk on PPC schemes that can be so bad for business. 

Although a mouse is cheap, it is better to maintain them than replacing them the moment they cease to function well. 
 For people tired of drag on jobs due to their mouse can use these few tips to put them in order as they shop less for such accessories.

There are two types of mouse optical and mechanical. This article shall treat both of them.

Optical mouse

They need lesser maintenance than mechanical mouse. Monthly cleaning, it can work well. 
The thing is that it does not take more than five minutes to be through with and compared with the stress of delays, it is not much. Here is a systematic order of doing it.

Unplug it from the PC

Depending on where it is connected, it may or may not require shutting down computers. Unplug those on USBs with the computer still on. Those on a separate connector require shutting down ahe…

Best Destinations For Celebrating The New Year

Welcoming a new year is a business many looks forward to.  It is an electrifying custom and it as old as man is. Some of the things that are evident in it are cheerful noise in churches, on the streets and homes. 

Firecrackers light everywhere up. People choose to go out with friends or simply watch TV. It is also a day when many resolves to imbibe new habits in the interest of their lives. 

 It is a common celebration in all countries although their dates may be different.   Folks anxious for an adventure can go to any of these  places.

It is where many people would not want to visit yet they understand the business of New Year best. Harbour Bridge in Sydney is the major feature. What would make it different the northern hemisphere is that it is summer now? 

The city’s site with ‘the Harbour’ as well as Opera House makes it a wonderful set. Those who are uncomfortable around crowds can watch the action from a boat. Since many people come to witness this splendor, it is best to a…

Spread The Love At Christmas With Gifts For Coworkers

Getting coworkers gifts this Christmas is work.  People cannot say that because of the stress of their jobs, they would attend their parties with nothing to share. 

 They must also look for stuff that would not offend others.  Knowing to shop for gifts for coworkers is a job that requires following these steps to succeed.
Think of bosses first

They may be closer to coworkers, yet they should get gifts for their bosses first out of regard and these must be better than those they would get for the others. To avoid overbuying, have a budget fixed for a gift. 

Allocate a greater percent of this to the bosses. Get them items they are obsessive of without being too personal about it.  Make a good job of getting them stuff worth their posts.
Buy items devoid of religious connotation

Since some coworkers may not share the idea about Christmas but they acknowledge it as a holiday, it best to get everyone stuff holiday items. 

They can get them food; drink things, gift baskets, and office supplies.  E…

How To Get Karmaloop Discounts

When people want to buy things today, they look for how they can save finance. The economy made this the trend and many cannot buy from where they would get no discount. One of the places many would not waste time to visit is Karmaloop. Many people have missed this by ignoring their promo codes. 

This makes older folks the majority of beneficiaries of such cuts. They may seem meager, but by adding them up from time to time, they may be able to save more. They can do a  good job of looking for them, as they are always available. Here are the two ways they can get them.
From dailies

They can get these by checking the next local dailies they buy for codes with coupons. These are mostly available on Sundays.  

They can only get them if they meticulously go through each page. They can come across different kinds of cuts from papers from other days too.  Being constantly on the look for such from their favorite brand is not such a  bad idea as they could use it later to shop on karmaloop. They …

How To Avoid Common Social Media Missteps

The whole world applauds social media for its input to the www. It has made it possible for people to interact with others from parts of the world. 

It also serves as the leverage businesses require to reach more clients.   

Many recorded feats with its use while some others are yet to benefit from it.  

This is because they made some slips that are now affecting them.

Here are some of the usual mistakes social marketers made.
Starting out without a plan

Joining the leagues of social marketers without any plan on how to keep it going is one fault many have. 

They just jump and since they had no provisions for managing their presence on the web, they end up muddling things. 

Not every site is for companies registering without researching these place them in a bad spot. 

With this kind of error, they don’t get the best out of any platform they enter.
Being in too many places

Some marketers join many sites at the same time. This increases their tentacles so fast they could get blown by its speed. 


Online Business; Social Media Platforms That Could Not Be Ignored In 2019

The social media had it big this year.  It is increasing in popularity all over the world and those not on any platforms are so square.  

They serve a link for long lost friends and contacts to renew alliances and strengthen bonds.  

They are also the first point of call for businesses to as they also use it to advertise their services too.

 It is no news too that if any company lacks social presence, its chances of getting clients are slim.

Here is a list of the top ten platforms that made waves in the year 2011. The list is in ascending order.

Meetup has more than seven million clients with eight million guests. Meetup is available in six languages and it began in 2011.  For a platform so young, Meetup seems to be in good business.

MyYearbook has more than twenty million clients with twelve million guests. MyYearBook is six years old and has less than half a percent of the market share.  It is available in one language.

MyLife services more than sixty-two million clie…