How to Make People Account For Their Choices

The workplace brings a phase of life like all others with its share of challenges. 

Management remains duty-bound to make sure that every staff is okay. It is the duty of all to accept whatever they do whether it is good or bad. Some employees find it hard to admit wrongdoing. 

This is one of the problems bosses face in having them own up while on their jobs and avoid wasting time on non-essentials. Many employers ask how they can make workers admit their fault. Here are some ways they can help them do it.

Be their example

The best kind of leadership is one that is by example. Employers have to arrive early to work and wait until closure to show them that that is how they ought to behave. 

They should keep their relationships with the formal. By not bringing personal issues to the workplace, they are trying to tell workers that an office is a place of business. 

Therefore, they should keep their private lives private. That means all tasks they assign to them must be official and they must take blames too. That way everyone would know no one is sacred. Being their example is a good way to make them accept the choices they make on the job.

Have clear goals

Many people go off to start work and after a while, they are still unsure of what they are to do. What employers expect from their staff should be the workplace attitude. This way they would know when they are short of it. 

Staff ought to be familiar with their company’s expectation from the start and it is the duty of the employers to ring the bell. They must reward new ideas as a way of encouraging better output.

Treat them with respect

 Treat them like the adults they are and not like kids. Instead of laying a countless number of rules for them to follow, they should just provide guidelines on how staff should carry them at work. 

With guidelines, they will know how they should behave like the adults they are. Another way to do this is to hold a meeting with them to know issues that affect them.

 By creating time to liaise with them everyone would be up to date on what is required of them. It would also let them feel concerns about matters that affect them. 

By openly having meeting s with them and encouraging them to work independently, they will have no choice but to accept the outcome whatever they do on their jobs.


People need to know what to do to make sure workers do their jobs smoothly like address mistakes promptly, discuss solutions to the problems they may be having and listening to them. These will make it easier for them to take responsibility for the choice they make.

Many times employers have workers that only take praise for good deeds and trade blames for others. It is the jobs of employers to act as their examples, respect and talk with them where needed.


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