6 Proven Ways To Get Your Day Rolling To A Perfect Start

Hack your Morning to a Perfect Jumpstart

To get into your day with less pressure and maintain your cool, certain habits are better cultivated so that you can avoid a ruinous start and be productive for the rest of your day.

Wake up Early

An alarm clock can be very intrusive but it has also proven to be a time and life-saver. 

It is better to have three repeats to your timer so that if the first goes off and you miss it, at least the second and third should jolt you except you are dead. 

Set the timers for 10 seconds apart for real effect and go into the bathroom as you leave the bed.

Cleaning Up

Grab your toothbrush, apply the paste and brush immediately. 

As you brush and rinse your mouth, you become more alert. Many people love to move their bowels as a morning routine, if this fits you, sit it out and be relieved.

Apply the scrub all over your body once you are in the shower and have a proper bath. A Warm bath for many people is the perfect start to their day.


Pick out your shaver after a warm bath and apply a shave cream with high quality and preferably those glycerin-based ones. 

  • As a general rule, menthol shaving products are not recommended as they stiffen your beards.
  • Make sure you are using a good blade on your beards to give you a comfortable and close shave. 
  • Always ensure your beards are lubricated as in step one.
  • Your free finger should be on your skin to hold it in place for the blade to glide through. 

Make sure there is no pressure as you hold your skin, always rinse the blade and apply lather if you desire a closer shave. An alum block should be close by to stop any bleeding.

Protect your face and rinse off with cool water after shaving. A gentle pat with a soft cloth and an aftershave with leave you primed up for the day.

Getting Dressed

Dry off your body with a towel that should be hanging close by and apply the moisturizer cologne, deodorant or perfume.

Reach for the rack and dress up as it is expected that you have arranged your clothes for the day on the night before.


Catching a breakfast can be tricky as many eat cereals. If that applies to you, reach for the cereals and pour your desired quantity. 

Some others prefer to do some toast for breakfast, if you do, make sure it is not messy.

Once you are through, you are out by the door and ready to hit the road.

Stepping into your day

Pick up your phone or mobile device and scan for any new message that might be pivotal to your day. 

If your laptop bag has been packed ready the previous night, you only need to pick it and step through the door. This should not take two minutes.

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