Looking For That Dream Job? Here is How To Write a Winning Resume

Having a job is important; this is why jobless folks are always anxious to join the working class. 

There are several steps to getting a job and it all begins with a winning resume.

There is so much talk about winning resumes, as it sums up the life and achievements of an applicant to employers in a page or two. This is why it must come out right.

Basic Ingredients For A Winning Resume

You need a winning resume in order to get the HR’s attention, and here is what you need to do.

Divide your resume into seven parts; two are optional they should go in this order

Applicant’s contact details
Goal or objective (optional)
Professional highlights

Applicant’s contact details

This section should contain an applicant’s name with the first name first, middle name,  and the surname.

The next line should have a house address, then the city, state, and code.

A telephone number, and finally an email should be on the next line.

Goal or objective

 List employment aims here in a line or two. For customized resumes, what makes you suitable for a post can follow. This will give your resume some attraction.

Professional highlights

It shows your major accomplishments, skills, qualities, and experience that suits the position you are eyeing at the moment..

Adding these displays levels of competence and tells employers that such applicants are detailed.

This part could perform magic.


This is what catches employers’ interest. Just listing past employment without giving details is wrong.

The best thing is to list companies differently, the positions, and the tasks and accomplishments in bullets.

Clearly differentiating all these will make it easier to follow. To get the employers attention, make a comprehensive job on job experience section.

It is one of the basic ingredients in a winning resume.


The institutions attended with dates. This must include degree and awards. Itemize them separately; starting with schools, degree, awards, and the honors.

This section is as important as the one preceding it.


The skill part must contain the applicant’s skills as they relate to the job offered. They must include language with computer skills.

Others that relate to the job can come thereafter.


Writing out references will take a lot of space, for folks with loads of experience and job history. It is better to have a separate reference list.

This portion should have “available on request’ on it. This means a reference list must be handy when attending an interview.

This document must be short as no one has the time to waste.

Use an adapted resume for every post

This may be tedious; it is recommended that you have a tailored resume for every job you want to pursue. Do not just hand out a broad resume that has no relationship to the job at hand.

Last Lines

Getting a job requires proper planning and readiness, and a winning resume is where you should begin.

A resume with a good format is the way to go if you must get the HR manager's call.. An error here could extend your wait in the job market.


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