To Be Successful, You Must Want It So Bad!

Success Cannot Be An Option

When you go about life with the paradigm that success is not an option, it will propel you to see your intended goal as one that must be accomplished.  What this exemplifies is that you will:

  • ·         See no alternative to your pursuit
  • ·         You will direct your energies to this goal
  • ·         You will explore all avenues to make it realizable
  • ·         You will work long at it until it is realized. 

Many people who present their success stories often have this thread or mindset running through their account. 

It is worthwhile to consider how this plays out seeing that quite a number of people have realized their dreams in this fashion.  Now, let us look closely at this a bit more closely:

No Alternative Pursuit

If success is not an option, it becomes the single focus that must be pursued. So, all others will have to pale into insignificance as you work at attaining success. It will have to become your driving focus and center of attraction. 

When you view your given target or goal in this light, you will be better placed to realize your intents, objectives or set goals.

When you start out on any pursuit with the mindset that it might falter or be successful, it drives in some slack that will de-optimize your potential for success. 

On the other ground, if you maintain a focus that you view as the only way, the chance for successful outcomes will be high irrespective of the challenges you face on the way.

Directed Energies

Directing your energies in a given direction always provide a boost that motivates and heightens your ability to fulfill your given objectives. 

There is a greater chance that you will be able to realize your goal with your faculties focused in this direction.  There is no way to appreciate what you have not directed your energies into until you do so. 

When success is not an option, you have to think, act and repeatedly rehearse your expectations in such a way that it becomes a part of you.  You will translate your thoughts to words and eventually, they will end up as actions that will be geared towards results.

Explore All Avenues

The power of a directed focus will help you develop a drive that cannot be dimmed when challenges emerge or when setbacks crop up along the way. 

The will to see your desired outcome will reverberate in the actions you take as you look forward to realizing your dreams. When success is not an option you will see possibilities where others have put up a sign of impossibility.

The driving force to exploring all avenues does not just come from your set goals, but also the reinforcement of your will through the process of reiterating your desired outcomes and ensuring that it becomes the only paradigm you allow a place in your reckoning.

In exploring avenues to dare the impossible and make success a reality, you also need to develop support structures that can lend you a hand when all looks dire and lonely. 

Friends, family and loved ones can fill the void with attention and care. After all, we all need a shoulder to lean on at some point in life or at vital intersections that can be real defining moments.

Work Long at it

Hard work is such that requires perseverance and patience. When you define your goals and see success in such light that it does not become an option, then you will have to work long at it.

This will mean defying conventional work schedules and developing endurance as a necessary ingredient why you stay the course to your intended goal.

In your pursuit of your goals, as you keep exploring the possibilities, you will find an added inner drive to make them realizable.

It might be an additional experiment, a second attempt at a public office or the need to complete a thesis necessary for the award of a degree you are looking forward to receiving.

Irrespective of the particular details of your pursuit, when you work long and hard at it, new pathways to fulfillment will emerge and your goals will come to life.

Using the example of Thomas Edison, he worked at the light bulb and discovered 10,000 ways that the light bulb cannot be made. In the end, he patented the light bulb and it is today an invention that is ascribed to him. You too can reach the zenith!


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