How Do People Become Successful In Life And others Don't?

Success hardly comes to anyone as an accident rather it is better seen as the outcome of a thought-out process. Many success stories that have been shared over time resulted from a recognizable set of actions which without doubt were deliberate. 

Learned Principles

The principles of success are such that can be learned and wherever they are put to work, the outcomes are evident and tangible.  Principles can provide a basis for you to succeed if you do not easily waver. 

When you work with set standards, it is easier to have the hand of fortune turning your way.  It does not really matter if you stand alone and others do not see your point of view. 

A willingness to walk the narrow road can sometimes be dreaded by many but it is also a pathway to success. People who do things differently often get on the podium of success and for daring to travel on the path many do not wish to tread on; they reap a harvest of fortune.

 Dogged Faith

People who attempt the impossible or chart new waters belong to the ilk that possesses dogged faith. Faith is expressed as an unrelenting belief that sets you on a course that you pursue until the desired outcome is attained. It does not matter what people say to you or what their views might be- rather you focus on your goals and pursuits. 

Consider the Wright brothers who never had an example to leverage on when they were developing the airplane. Imagine the disdain they would have suffered when they first thought of and communicated to others about making man fly with an airplane. 

If you must excel you might have to consign yourself to the lonely path and do not expect to get the popular votes for your dreams or aspirations.

Unconventional Work Routine

A great mind was often reputed to forget his breakfast when delivered to him by his wife. When discovered hours later that he did not have his breakfast, his response was that he thought he had eaten. Working from dusk to dawn is a common trait with innovators and people who attained success in life. 

Those who keep a 9 to 5 schedule are often those who work for others and are told what to do. People who are consumed by the passion of their dreams and aspirations tread the unconventional path until they reach their desired goal.

Success is not an accidental journey as hard work is a necessary ingredient in making it happen. Mike Tyson is reputed as one of the deadliest boxers ever known to humanity and he was known to practice a mix of explosive strength and endurance to become the top-rated boxer he became. 

He would jog a trail extending more than 3 miles as a morning routine and spar for up to 12 rounds when it is afternoon and complete more than 2,000 sit-ups on a daily basis. These were in addition to other routines such that he could not but end up as a champion.

Be Physically Fit

Richard Branson is reputed for touting great physical fitness as an elixir to success. When you are in good shape, you are confident, you are motivated and you can reach for more.  Getting into shape helps your bloodstream to be at optimum thereby enabling your faculties to be at their best.  

Your thoughts will be sharp, your reflexes will be at their best and you will be able to focus on your work and interests.

It is advisable to adopt training routines instead of stimulants as this comes with side-effects and promoted dependences. On the contrary, with physical fitness, you are able to develop a pattern which your body adjusts to over time and you are able to perform at your optimal capacity and abilities. 

There is no doubt that when you lack energy, you can do little but with regular energy flow, you are primed for utmost delivery.

Why it needs to be understood that physical fitness alone doesn’t deliver success to you, it is a glaring accompaniment whose absence can sabotage your success drive. So stay healthy, fit and energetic to be at your best!


People become successful through several pathways but certain ingredients have been found to be a common denominator. Structure your life to make an impact today so you can attain success and live your dreams.


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