To Live Your Best Life, You Should Know The Ignored Causes of Cancer

What is the most Ignored cause of Cancer?

Cancer belongs to the group of complex ailments that afflicts people across the globe. Presently, the causes of cancer have been identified to be genetic factors, Lifestyle factors, other infections, and environmental factors. 

Lifestyle factors are drinking, tobacco use, certain physical activities, and diet. Environmental factors are described as radiation and exposure to chemicals. In the same vein, there are infections which when present in the human body expose the sufferer to cancer.

The focus of many cancer campaigns basically center on lifestyle, environmental and other infections. But research points in the direction of genetic factors as the most recurrent cause of cancer across the globe. 

Genes Explained

Genes make up the DNA and are therefore found in each cell within the human body. They control the growth of each cell and tell them when to grow and split. 

There are about 25,000 genes in each person and they are made up of particular DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) sequence with the instructions for the production of proteins, which in themselves have specific assignments in the human body.

Cells are able to use their genes in a selective fashion, as they turn off the genes that are not required and activate the ones needed at every interval.

Gene Mutation

Mutations occur when the DNA found in genes take on a life of their own or witness abnormal behavior. It involves an alteration in the configuration of the basic genetic make-up.

Genetic mutation can either be inherited or acquired. Researchers have agreed that it requires more than a single mutation for cancer to result. When it occurs in any cell, it is passed on to every resultant offspring of that cell. Acquired mutations are more common than genetic mutations and in most cases, they occur without the knowledge of the sufferer.

Acquired mutations have been proven to be responsible for most cases of cancer and mutation can also occur in healthy genes that experience abnormal changes over a period of time. It is also noteworthy that mutations occur regularly in human cells and when the cell discovers this, it recovers and repairs the change.  When repair fails, a signal is sent to the cell to die and if it doesn’t and the mutation subsists, it might result in cancer.

Failure of cell repairs is also likely to occur when the cell responsible for sending the signal to repair the mutation is affected by the abnormal changes. This will then aid the growth of the mutant cell that spreads cancer through the cell streams.


Most people only get to know there has been genetic mutation after they begin to experience the symptoms of cancer. Early detection of mutant cells can make it easier to control cancer and stop the spread.


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